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Smart Start Program

  • Student


    ASWSU provides students with a platform for success through advocacy, opportunity, accessibility, collaborations, innovation and purpose while acting as liaison between students and University faculty, staff, and administration.

    Dean of Students

    The WSU Office of the Dean of Students connects students with the services, opportunities, and resources to foster their success at WSU and after graduation. By working with university and community partners, we advise students about services, resources, and options that support their success and provide guidance and assistance during times of challenge, crisis, complexity or emergency.

    Student Affairs and Enrollment

    Our staff members cut across over 20 different units that specialize in community outreach, student recruitment, student health and wellbeing, leadership building, civic engagement, and cultural appreciation, to name just a few.

    Student and Hourly Employment 

    WSU's Handshake site coordinates great opportunities between students seeking on and off campus employment, non-students seeking temporary on-campus employment and employers looking to fill their work-study and non-work study jobs.

    Student Involvement

    Student Involvement strengthens an develops individuals and organizations through arts, leadership and involvement; serving as a primary resources for maximizing the educational journey of WSU students

    Student's Book Corporation (Bookie)

    The Bookie - Washington State University Official Store



  • Health & Safety

    Access Center

    • The Access Center provides accommodations and services to incoming and current WSU students with disabilities, psychological or medical conditions, or temporary injuries that limit their access to the educational environment.

    Cougar Health Services

    • The Cougar Health Services medical clinic has board certified physicians with expertise in college health. Cougar Health Services also houses a pharmacy, counseling services, vision clinic and health promotion.

    Cougar Safe Rides

    • We offer free rides almost anywhere within the Pullman city limits and walking escorts on the WSU campus.


  • Culture

    African-American Student Center

    • African-American Student Center provides an environment that inspires learning for all students at Washington State University through academic, socio-cultural and career focused services that are culturally unique to the "black" community.

    Asian American/Pacific Islander Student Center

    • The Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) Student Center promotes holistic services and programs that assist Washington State University to retain, develop and assist AAPI students in achieving their highest education potential.

    Chicano/a Latino/a Student Center

    • Chicana/o Latina/o Student Center promotes academic success and achievement for all students especially those of Latin/Ethnic, cultural, community, heritage and linguistic backgrounds.

    Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center

    • GIESORC promotes education, empowerment, and engagement for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and ally (GLBTQA) constituents across the Washington State University system.

    Multicultural Student Services

    • Multicultural Student Services (MSS) facilitates the best undergraduate experience for multicultural students through the provision of culturally relevant programs and services that foster their successful transition, adjustment, persistence, achievement, and graduation.

    Native American Student Center

    • Native American Student Center (NASC) provides academic guidance that promotes student's academic achievement, personal leadership development, global citizenship competency, and respect for all cultures.


  • Academics


    • WSU admissions is central to every student that comes to WSU in their initial and continuting process of finding information and providing proper documentation for entrance, connection to colleges at the university and a great asset for exploring WSU.

    Center for advising and Career Development

    • The Center for Advising and Career Development (CACD) serves to cultivate academic and career partnerships that promote development of students as life-long learners and successful citizens.

    Counseling and Testing Services

    • Counselors work to assist students to develop lifelong skills that are essential to achieving and maintaining academic and personal competence.

    Education Abroad

    • IP is promoting more research, service learning, internship, and community projects that infuse experiential, intercultural learning and personally enriching experiences into our students' portfolios.

    Graduate School

    • The Graduate School is to advance graduate education and enhance the experience of our graduate students.

    McNair Achievement Program

    • The McNair Achievement Program at WSU provides program participants with graduate education preparation activists and services to include faculty mentored research experiences, coursework focused on the culture of graduate education, and academic and career counseling.


  • Money

    Financial Aid and Scholarship Services

    • Student Financial Service will provide financial resources to s students for personal and educational goals preparing students with the financial knowledge related to university and personal living.


  • Housing

    Housing and Residence Life

    • About 5,200 students live in our 18 residence halls and we offer many living options so you can better select a place where you will feel at home and be able to stay and study.